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The World Handicap System (WHS) does not change the way golf is played but rather it changes how handicaps are operated and allows portability of handicap around the world.The key idea from a playing perspective is that members will have a handicap index, members can then look up a chart to tell them what their course handicap will be on a particular set of tees at a golf club. Depending on the format of play members will then have to apply handicap allowances to give the playing handicap for that round. Please see our Players Guide for an illustration of this.Members will have resources online and at the club to confirm what their handicap index & course handicap will be. See the Course Handicap Tables at CRGC (includes all 9 and 18 hole courses). (NOTE: You don’t need to print these out – a lookup board is now posted outside the Pro Shop.) Handicap allowances will also be detailed for each competition and competition scorecards will confirm the strokes members will receive.

CRGC Course Details for WHS

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Education Material

The section committees have created the following material to get you started with WHS.

Item and LinkFormatDescription
WHS Information for membersPDF, 2 ppBrief introduction and definition of key terminology and concepts
Course to Playing Handicap Crib SheetPDF, 2 ppSimple aide memoire for applying handicap allowances, plus 4BBB matchplay example
WHS tutorial for CRGC MembersYouTube Video, 46 minutesA detailed run through of the new World Handicap System for golfers

Further Reading

England Golf have created 8 short animated videos – typically each one is just over a minute long. Details and links here

Rules of Handicapping Players Reference Guide - 24 pages - download here. This is another high-level tour of the WHS, published by the R&A and USGA and written from the player’s perspective: before, during and after your round.

For a quick guide in a Question & Answer format see this article from Today's Golfer (a golfing equipment and features website).

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