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Unfortunately we are now in another lockdown but you can be assured that the green staff are still working hard to improve the course for your return.

The 13th white tee is now complete after being levelled and turfed.

We have now started the driving range tee which should be finished by the end of the week. This should provide a great area to practice from during the winter months and when we have maintenance to do on the grass tee.

As you know we have had a problem with ducks so we have put reflective tape and ultra sonic motion sensors out which seem to be working.

Next week we will start re shaping, draining and re sanding the front bunker on the 18th green and all bunkers on the 1st and 2nd.
We will start verti draining all fairways and approaches and solid tining the greens. All this work is weather dependent but hopefully luck is on our side for once.

Hope to see you all again soon and stay safe !

Darren Wales
Course Manager


December 2020

Unfortunately due to the bad weather a trolley ban is now in operation. This decision was taken to protect the course so hopefully we will not have to close. Thank you all for carrying and protecting your golf course. I will check the condition every day but it looks like the trolley ban will last over Christmas to give the course the best chance to recover but do check the website and answer phone for more information.

We are continuing to work on the course including the new 13th white tee and re shaped 18th bunker. The next bunkers will be the front one on the 18th and then all three on the 1st hole. A new sleeper edge path is now finished behind the 18th green. Photos below.

The day to day work is still continuing on the course with aeration, bunker raking, hand cutting greens,collecting leaves, spraying and general maintenance.

Please enjoy your golf and hopefully the weather will improve in the new year.

Darren Wales
Course Manager


November 2020

Unfortunately, due to government guidelines the course is now closed.

Whilst there is no golf being played our reduced staff of 3 greenkeepers will undertake work which will be beneficial to the course.

The main work being aerating all parts of the course which is a lot easier and quicker when there is no golf.

• Vertidraing fairways
• Slit fairways/apps
• Solid tine tees/apps
• 10mm solid tine greens
• Spray fungicide every 2 weeks on greens to keep disease at bay
• Sarrel roll greens twice a week
• Drain bunkers
• General cutting of ;
Tees/apps twice a week
Fairways once a week
Greens three times a week
Semi once a week
• Long rough to be cut back to 4”
• Top up bunkers with sand
• Blowing and picking up leaves
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04.01.2021 22:01
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Following the Prime Minister's statement on Monday evening , 4 January, the course is closed until further notice.
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