The greens have now been hollow tined. We used 7mm tines instead of 12mm so the holes will close up a lot quicker. We have applied 40 tonnes of sand to the greens which has been worked into the holes. They have also been over seeded with bent grass and fertilised with a 14.2.10 summer fertiliser.
If the weather stays on our side the greens should be back to normal in just over a week. Please be patient, this work is necessary so we can have good greens all year round.


Please could everyone make an effort to divot the tees !
The divot boxes are always full and the only reason the seed germinates in them is that the mix is not used.
It's you're course please look after it.


Just a quick note for everyone who asks about Bert he still comes to work most days and still loves it. You can usually find him with his head down a rabbit hole or chasing squirrels.
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