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ENTRY 9 - January 2022
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Happy New Year to all Members and golfers alike!!

As the new year begins it brings different problems. The course is wet due to the high levels of rain that fell in 2021. We had a total of 923mm of rain with the wettest months being January and October. Even in June and July we had 109mm and 110mm respectively whereas in 2020 it was 42/33mm. For those who can remember December 2020 saw a trolley ban. We are desperately trying to avoid it this year with your help.

Shockwave drainage has been used on some areas of the course as this was a quick and cost-effective option of providing surface drainage. Sand slitting will be done on approaches 3/5/7/8/9/15/16/18 when the weather permits. Please be patient during the wet conditions and try to carry, if possible, to protect your course.

The 2nd tee is now complete and will hopefully come in to play in April depending on weather conditions. The total new teeing area is 220 m2 which is about the recommended size for a par 3.
We have started topping and edging paths. The ditches are being cleared out but unfortunately with the wet conditions the heavy machinery we can’t get round to all areas of the course at the moment.

We are still fighting a losing battle against worm casts but be sure we are doing everything we can with the limited products that are available on the market

A few pleas.

Please make a concerted effort to repair pitch marks on the greens and divot marks on the tees and fairways. The divot boxes were filled up two months ago and they are still full. We would normally fill these up weekly. Please also keep to the paths when using trolleys and avoid all roped off areas and please don’t walk between the bunkers and the greens with your trolleys. Please see the picture of trolley marks on the 18th green where someone walked around the posts and onto the green.
Can we also ask that you leave your trolley on the path and walk to the tee with your selected club to protect the area around the tee.

We really appreciate the efforts from those who can carry – a big thank you as it allows those members who can’t to still use their trolleys and play.

Hopefully at the end of this week we can get the mowers out again to try to get some definition back to the course. It’s a balancing act between getting the mowers out and digging up the course.

Most of all the leaves have gone now but there are still a few areas which need picking up; this will be done in the next two weeks.

Future works include bunker renovations and path works. The next three months is the time we begin to start tidying up areas and start construction work so look out for various jobs we will be undertaking.

Drier weather is hopefully around the corner, and we can get the course condition back to somewhere near what we are used to. Please remember it is winter golf and try to enjoy it and look forward to the spring and summer.

The Green Staff

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